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Hi, I'm Micol!

I am an Interior Designer based in Tel Aviv and I can make your dream apartment with any budget.

My Story

"She took care of my apartment from design to excecution and she delivered the place I always dreamed of. I have always known her to be quite creative, original and detail oriented, but she completely exceeded my expectations."

— Tatiana Miodownik on LinkedIn

"Micol is an incredibly talented individual. She has made my house into a home! The aesthetic level, flow, light handling is breathtaking. I am going to be using her services for any apartment I'll be moving into for the rest of my life! The styling I chose was "Industrial" and boy oh boy, she has delivered!"

— Alon Yariv on Google

"Micol was amazing, she Delivers exactly as she promises, her designing skills are impressive, even more impressive are her production skills, she is so efficient and all through the process she was so nice helpful and obliging. I can’t wait for next time."

— הירשנזון on Google Reviews

"Micol designed our whole apartment! And we love the result :) She has an amazing eye and style, and is full of inspiring ideas. She oversaw the process, and followed up even after it was "officially" finished. The final product is gorgeous, and all we've been getting is compliments. You won't be disappointed."

— Dave Hoffman on Google Reviews

"I waited what ever it was necessary for her to do me a make over because I knew she will do it in a way no one could do with such creativity and style and with any budget u wish! She hears u and remembers what ever u ask and wish for. Im so thankful for all her hard work and for her passion for her job! She is the best !"

— מריה on Google Reviews

"Micol made my dream home a reality. She took care of every step of the process and understood exactly what I wanted, so moving in was a breeze. She is a pleasure to work with, super flexible, and willing to work within your budget. The overall experience has been amazing."

— Maya P. on Google Reviews

How does it work?

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Intro and Structure

We do an intro call to understand your goals to know what space and how many rooms you wish to get me to design for you.

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Design Inspiration and Measures

In a second call, we understand together your needs and also to help you in measuring your space. After, simply send some inspiration pictures of your dream place.

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Get the Result

Simply wait your dream space come true! The results is based on your selected Service: 3D Visual, Remote or Complete.

Services and Pricing


3D Visual Design Service Icon made of a three dimensional cube
3D Visual
3D projects and unique concept ideas

Perfect for spoiling yourself with a fresh, designer, and professional look without breaking the bank. You will be provided with three variations for your dream place according to your space, taste, and budget. At the second meeting, you pick the proposal you most like, and I will then again make three options according to your feedback. This package offers the chance of visualizing different options of the same space, guiding you to the full potential of the propriety.

Remote Interior design service icon composed by a checklist on a piece of paper
Detailed shopping list and styling guide

Perfect for those who have already chosen my interior design service but live out of Israel. This package offers all the services of the 3D Visual with the addition of a detailed shopping list. The list includes links, addresses of the precise furniture materials, colors, and guidance for contractors. This solution will save you some budget. You can enjoy the ability to buy personally, paint, assemble your place, and hire your contractors according to my simple and straightforward guidelines.

Complete Interior design service Icon composed by a round checkbox with two arrows around it
From start to finish

This is a stress-free solution for anybody who wants to achieve their dream place and simply enjoy the final result and a ready apartment :) This package offers all the services previously mentioned with the addition of my physical presence in the property. I will be taking care of purchasing the products, the organization of deliveries, and hiring freelancers for the construction/paint on site and the final styling of your propriety.

Services and Pricing

Why pick me?

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Low Cost

You don't need 50.000€ couches and marble walls to have a dream home! I believe that we should all live in a place that looks like your Pinterest dream space. And I'm a deep believer that we can obtain that look on an ordinary budget!

Italy icon
Made in Italy

Yap! That's correct. Even though I've been living all over the place I was born In Italy, the capital of design, and studied in the renowned Marangoni Fashion Institute in Milano. Right now I am an Interior Designer in Tel Aviv, but I can work on site in all Israel, and Remotely Worldwide!

Bag of money icon
You decide the budget

Let's repeat it again: YOU CAN DECIDE THE BUDGET! No hidden costs, and no last minute surprises, you tell me how much you want to invest and I'll make sure you will get the best you can have for your money.

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International Experience

My interior design career started redesigning Boutique Hotels and Airbnb proprieties. SO MUCH FUN! But mainly... Designing proprieties all over Europe and Israel I've learn fast how to adapt to many different clients, different cultures and needs.

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Fashion Background

I have been working in fashion for over a decade (and yes that means before even turning 18) and after blogging, working for Grazia magazine and opening my own Fashion online store, I decided to move my interest to Interior Design. I always tell my clients that designing an apartment is like styling a client.

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Self made carpenter

I can personally custom design solutions and furniture for any needs. Understanding the work process and the materials ALWAYS brings to better ideas.

Services and Pricing

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