Home decor can make a big impact on your space and can be totally inexpensive and easy to do! Here are some super easy 10 minute home decor diy ideas for you!

Let me know which one is your favorite and what you are going to try to recreate :)


- Thread:

- Canvas:

- Bubble cube candle mold

- Woman candle mold

- Chandeliers:

- Rug 1, doormat

- Rug 2:

- Spray paint

- Mirror:

SO... For the first DIY we have: Thread Painting.

For this one we only need a frame and some yarn of whatever color you like.

You start wrapping it from one edge and for the first wrap you need to make a small knot in the back of the frame.

Then you start going around the frame for 5 to 6 centemeters.

After the first line is ready you flip the frame and do the same in a different direction so that it criss crosses.

You decide when to go vertical and when to go horizotal.

So.. After doing this several times you should have a beautiful frame!

The second DIY is a book holder made of stone.

For this one all you need is some type of rock/stone and super glue/ silicone. Firstly you break the stone into small pieces.

Using the glue attach two pieces of rock together and do that one more time so that you have two holders.

TIP: When glueing the pieces do it verticaly so that it looks as straight as possible

Here's the final result!

Thirdly we have a customizable rug! You can choose any pattern, color or phrase that you like. Use paper tape to help your design look straight. Make sure the paint you use is waterproof and use many layers so that it won’t go away easily.

And enjoy!

In fourth place we have another way to customize a rug. You will only need tape and spray paint. For this DIY choose the side of the rug that you think fits best the pattern.

Start taping in different directions.

Remember to press the tape hard before spray painting to avoid leakage. Take off the tape and decorate!

Fifthly we have... Wiggle Candles! You will need candles and a bowl big enough to fit the candles.

Pour hot water inside and leave them soaking for 10-15 minutes. Once they are soft, bend them in any shape you want.

Run through cold water and they will get solid.

Now decorate!

In sixth place we have a customized painting. For this DIY you need a canva, dark paint, thread, a bottle and a big space. Paint the canva (Don’t forget the sides).

Fill the bottle with white paint and a little water. Hang the thread to the ceiling and attach the bottle.  

Once it’s hanging make a small cut to the lid and let the bottle ran in any direction that you want and you’ll have a personalized painting.

For our seventh DIY we have a super cool way of decorating a pot. It’s called marbling. For this you need a bucket filled with water, spray paint and a plastic bag to avoid the bucket from staining.

The colors I chose are black and gold but you can choose any color you want and start spraying them to the water until you see a pattern that you like.

Dip the pot (or object you want) and see the beautiful result!

In eight place we have Candle Making! All you need is a candle that you don’t use anymore, and a candle recipient with your favorite shape.

Melt the candle and pour it into the candle mold. Be sure there is a towel under so that the bottom stays fluffy

Also, remember to insert the thread before pouring the hot wax and use scissors to keep it straight. Wait 20 minutes and enjoy!

Lastly we have a boho way to decorate a mirror. To do this you need some sort of string, it could be yarn, rope or whatever you think fits best with the room.

Use a piece of string to mark the height. It could be exactly the middle or lower. Use your elbow to help you cut the thread more easily.

Tie with knots. Finally, use glue in the ends and the middle

Your mirror should look similar to this!

Watch the full video here!

And that's it! I hope you have fun doing this DIYS and send me pictures on instagram if you make them at @micol.fashionattack

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