Modern Interior Design The Complete Guide

The everlasting relevance of modern interior design is because of its simplicity. Nowadays, houses, even with their clean and simple designs, are very comfortable and pleasant. There is no limit to style in modern-day art. Modern furniture has been decorated in homes with several different styles since the mid-century.

This article is about modern interior design ideas for you to use your creativity to make your home more beautiful.

The History of Modern Interior Design

Modern interior design started in the late 1900s. It was at a peak in 1930, but this trend slowly decreased when Post-Modernism began taking place. Nowadays, modernism is very much in trend now. Modernism is an essential component of an architecture for the decoration of homes.

It is to be noted that whatever style you choose should be a combination of two or more styles. Sometimes there is no specific name for a design that you choose for your home, but you can take interior design quizzes or surveys to help the designers know precisely what style you want for your house. In modern interior design, "form follows function" is the most important rule. It is necessary to find an alternative to traditional construction in the growing cities to simplify the forms. The introduction of new materials like reinforced concrete and steel was introduced for construction purposes. Using these new techniques, the houses can have large windows and cubic, flat or cylindrical roofs. It can also increase the heights of the buildings than before. Other movements enhanced modernism in histories such as Bauhaus, De Stijl, and Futurism.

Difference Between Modern Interior Design and Contemporary Interior Design

Modern and Contemporary interior designs can be confusing, but there is a difference between these two interior designs. One of the significant differences between interior and contemporary interior design is the history of these two. New interior design is about the ongoing trends and innovations in the interior design field. Modern interior design is about a specific era in design history. Nowadays, artists try to merge modern interior design and contemporary interior designs to get a new style and innovation. However, this is similar to the modernist revival, but still not as same as the Mother Modern Movement of the 19th century. Contemporary interior designs are a combination of past styles with modern technology.

Characteristics of Modern Interior Design Style

Modernist Art

Modernist Art introduced creative artwork with shocking colours, rejecting the idea of traditional interior design. Abstract Art, Cubism, and Fauvism are the necessary ingredients for modernist art. It came out as a result of outdated fashion and introduced a newly industrialized society. One of its features is an art piece hung on the wall with almost no or small frame. It is perfect for small art pieces on an expensive fence. It keeps it clear from the gallery wall because it will affect the beauty and look of modernist art on that wall if it is there.

Neutral Walls

Neutral walls got styled after the era of the decorative Victorian Wallpaper era. You can choose the combination of white and grey shades for the inside and outside of your home’s walls.

Line Focused

Modern Interior designs are often done around simple and clean walls. For interior designing and decorating of furniture, clean and straightforward vertical and horizontal lines are used. There are cylindrical lines in most homes that shape clear vertical lines and represent the construction of reinforced concrete in it.

Industrial Elements

Without the use of reinforced concrete, steel, and glass, it is impossible to implement the modern interior design. Choose to pay for these industrial elements while constructing your house to get fine lines for better interior design.


This idea is for the walls, mantels, and other visible areas of the house. Before designing these parts of the house, you should be aware that you don't have to over-design these areas because these parts need just enough design to look more beautiful, attractive, and presentable.

Primary Colors

Bauhaus and De Stijl movements focused mainly on primary colors. This is the reason the modern interior design is known for its colors. You can add colors and artwork to the furniture pieces and rugs. The colors that you can choose can be red, yellow, blue, black, and white.

Open Plan

Open Plan layout is one of the most basic layouts of the interior design. If you have an open kitchen, living room, or dining area, it will help you to eliminate unwanted structures within the home. It will also improve the airflow of the house.

Streamlined Furniture

Mies van der Rohe’s Barcelona chair and Butterfly Chairs were in trend for most mid-century furniture items. These were the parts of many homes during that era. Nowadays, most of the renowned interior designers use straight line furniture and don’t decorate these. You can also choose furniture with straight and simple fabric, and you don't have to decorate the furniture too much.

Skip the Molding

Moulding and Ornate interior designs should be a part of modern-day homes. These are not necessary for modern interior design. You can choose less decorated doors and cupboards to make them more presentable because simplicity is beautiful. It will give a comfortable and eye-pleasing look to your house.

Large Windows

Although large windows are not part of modernism. But it will be a huge source of natural light and fresh air for your house. You can choose to have large windows to fix in your house.

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