Stair Makeover for less than $50 !

In today's video, I'll show you how to transform your stairs into a special and beautiful piece! I saw this ladder on Pinterest and I KNEW I finally had the inspiration to redo my ladder!I won't lie... I WAS SO AFRAID to do this project because I carry heavy things up and down the stairs and I didn't want them to get any more brittle! So I made absolutely sure not to destroy the solidity of the steps. I basically spent nothing on this project, just some spare plywood and a LOT of sandpaper.

For this DIY you need: a jigsaw, sander, a piece of paper and a marker, nails, screws, hammer and paint (optional).

Without further adieu here are the steps to make… the steps (he he):

1- Draw the mark where you will cut the wood. For this grab a piece of paper and draw a wave where one side has more volume than the other.

2- Start with the paper on the right part of the stairs, flip it around for the second step. Just like in the pictures. Continue doing this in all the steps.

3- Once you have drawn the lines, start cutting with a jigsaw. 

4- To take away the part that we are not using, unscrew it so that it is an easy process. If it is still hard to do with your hands try your legs!

5-Take a break after that hard work! (he he)

6- Use a sander to take off any paint that might be in the stairs.

7- Now measure the stairs and according to that, cut the amount of wood necessary to make the back part of the stairs.

8- Measure the height and cut. Be sure to do this in every step and write 1/2/3 in every piece so that you don’t forget which piece belongs to each step.

9- Cut the lines using a jigsaw 

10- Go to the stairs and use screws and a hammer to stick them from behind. Always remember to stick the wood a little bit lower compared to the widths of wood that you are using. 

11- Now it’s time to measure the piece that will go horizontal. Cut them with the jigsaw.

12- Use the amount of nails that you consider necessary. There is no exact amount. Just be sure that the woods do not jiggle or move. 

13- For the sides, cut a straight large piece of wood and nail them.

14- And here is the final result!

Here is the full video:

I LOVE THE RESULT . And can't wait to paint them now! Remember that painting them is an optional step to give them a final special touch.






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