In this video, we are gonna go through my favorite super inexpensive hacks that are gonna help you decorate your space. This home hacks are to redesign every room and make it special, stylish and personal.

1- For this hack you only need a piece of paper that we are going to use to put inside a plastic bag. It works for wall molding, painting doors or whatever you need to paint without getting out of line.

2-  If you want to hang a mirror (or anything) straight, put a piece of tape on the back where you will hang the object and mark it by making holes. You can use a pen or anything pointy you have. Now place the tape on the wall and screw the nails in the holes. Remove the tape.

3-  This wall molding hack is so simple and you can use it for any room. You just need the molds (they are linked down below). There are several types you can buy but I chose plastic. Once you have them, cut them according to what shape you want. Small, big, squares, rectangles, just vertical lines, you decide. Attach them on the wall using silicone. Use a leveler to make it look extra perfect.

4- Use this paint hack if you want crisp straight lines when painting a wall with a new color. All you need is the color of the current wall. Before applying the new color, paint a coat of the current color. You can see the difference there is in using this hack and not using it.

5- Upcycling. This hack is for common objects that you want to make look better. You can buy handles to make closets look less cheap. My favorite handles are linked down below. To stick them you just need paper tape. Make the holes and apply the tape to the wall. Don’t forget to use a leveler so that it looks good when you screw it.

6- This hack is so easy to do and elevates your bathroom sooo much. You just fold the paper roll like in the photos. Use the wet tap to seal the toilet roll and there you go, super stylish and simple.

7-  If your towels (or blankets) need a decor glow up this tip is for you. Just fold it like in the photos and style any room.

8- Lastly, put your curtains allll the way up to the ceiling to elevate the room. It will look bigger, elegant and luxurious

Here is the full video:

My favorite handles:

My favorite wall molding:






This is it guys! I hope this hacks help your home :)

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